Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monster Truck, Monster Teacher

One of the snit snorts is obsessed with vehicles, monster trucks specifically. So obsessed, in fact, that he brings something like this to school everyday: 
 I bet you didn't know they made monster truck magazines. Well, they do. And it's pretty distracting in a class consisting of mostly 6 year old boys. I had to take it away from Cristian again today. We put it in my desk, with lots of promises that he'd get it back when school was over. At the end of the day, we had already trekked all of the way to the other side of the school to his daycare line, when we discovered  the horrible realization that the magazine was still in my desk!!

There were tears, and promises to get it back first thing in the morning, and more tears. He won the battle, and we hurried off back to the kindergarten hallway, hand in hand, to retrieve the magazine. We had a sweet little conversation on the way:

Cristian: I love you, Mrs. Hawley
Mrs. Hawley: I love you too, Cristian!
Cristian: Why you so mean to everybody all the time, Mrs. Hawley?
Mrs. Hawley: Uhhh
Cristian: Is it because they won't listen to you and do what you say?
Mrs. Hawley: Uhhh. You think I'm mean?
Cristian: No. I mean, yeah, a little bit. 
Mrs. Hawley: Okay, well here's your magazine. See you tomorrow.
Cristian: Thanks, Mrs. Hawley!


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  1. Who would think Courtney Hawley was mean. Not I said Gary Calvert II.