Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, sweet Benny!

Today is my husband's 26th birthday. We celebrated in Wichita yesterday with a little birthday shopping at TJ Maxx:

And then we started out the day with: 
Isn't that what every 26 year-old guy wants for his birthday? A turkey box call?

Bennett came over this afternoon to help us celebrate. For some reason, Uncle Ben let him lay in our bed with a bowl full of shredded cheddar cheese. That didn't end well. 

Happy birthday, Ben. I love you. My gift to you is one whole complain-free day of fantasy baseball. Check it all the live long day, sweetheart. I won't say a word. 

Also, was it just me, or did anyone else want to just give Rory Mcllroy a big hug today? 

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  1. Poor little Rory, I wanted to give him a hug, too!! BTW, is Dave's hat for real?