Thursday, February 23, 2012

IT'S A GIRL!!!!! (we think)

Two weeks ago, at an ultrasound, we were told that our sweet little sweet potato was (most likely, pretty positively) a boy!  We were so excited of course; and for the last 13 days I've had boy on the brain - boy names, boy bedding, boy things. AND THEN,  yesterday we went for our official ultrasound "just to make sure" and they said "for sure, no doubt, this baby is a girl". 

So who really knows. 
But we're naming her the same thing whether she ends up being a girl or not. 

 Pretty cute, huh? Just kidding - there is not one thing cute about another person's ultrasound. You just smile and say, "Ahhh, that is so precious" even though they all look the exact same. That's what I always do anyways. 

But she's beautiful to me...and her dad. 

Also, I realize I never post about anything but this unborn baby - but it's all I really think about. 
And I know my mom appreciates it. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

love love love

I asked my kids a few questions about love in honor of Valentine's Day. 

What does Valentine's Day mean to you? 
You go on a date with somebody
Giving people valentines
Making dinner for your girlfriend
You get lots of love

How can you tell if someone is in love? 
They get married
The husband gives the wife flowers
The boy can read the girl a story
They get married
They sit together in the sunset
They have a baby

Who or what do you love? 
My family and friends
My Hello Kitty charm bracelet
My cat and my aunt
My frogs
My mama

Happy week 17, Little Valentine.
I've felt Baby move twice now, and he/she is making me crave a lot of cheese, milk shakes, and orange juice.
And I think in honor of his/her size, I'll be eating some onion rings this week. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


It is hard for me to put into words the love I feel for this little human being. At least once a day, I freak out about the awesomeness of the miracle that God is forming inside of me. Being pregnant has done wonders for my prayer life. All day long I find myself praying for this sweet little baby: that he will be healthy; that I won't completely screw up as his mom; that he'll grow up to be kind and God-fearing; that he'll be more like his dad was as a teenager than his mom was as a teenager, etc...

And no, we don't know that it's a boy yet. I'm just trying to force myself to stop assuming that it's a girl. 

16 weeks 
Today one of my students asked me why I'm "so dressed up everyday". (They're used to me looking pretty scrubby I guess.) And I had to sadly inform her that I'm forced to wear dresses, because I can't button a single pair of pants. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I am so tired of this baby being an "it." Finding out the sex is just around the corner! 

Benny surprised me this week with reservations at Cheever's. The Best Restaurant. Well, it is to us - but that's probably because we don't really go anywhere else. (except for Taco Bell, Chick-fil-a, McDonalds, etc...) He even let me get dessert! Such a great guy. 

And today he took me to OnCue for lunch - because this momma needed a hotdog in a major way.