Monday, January 31, 2011

When I Grow Up

We just started a new unit in kindergarten: Community Helpers
(Which basically means - What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?)

When I did this same unit in Edmond School District for student teaching, the kids wanted to be things like: doctor, nurse, teacher, firefighter, police officer, and other "noble" things. But when I brought it up for the first time today, it was a different story. I just asked the kids to help me list some community helpers. I got things like: 7-11 worker, Sonic waitress, and Dollar Tree cashier.

It's all they know. In their sweet little minds, those are their attainable career choices. How do I make them see that they can be absolutely positively anything that they want to be? Whether that's an astronaut or  a store clerk.

On a lighter note:
When you cook with pretty much venison as your only meat option, sometimes the meat is wrapped in sketchy butcher shop paper. And sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what your working with. So sometimes you brown sausage instead of hamburger for your Monday night lasagna. I'm not stupid - I wasn't going to waste a pound of sausage. We're having sausage lasagna. You're welcome to come over. Ben, Meag, and Emily are in for a surprise.

And here's to hoping:

The threat of impending horrific weather is so intriguing to me. 

Quote of the day: "Mrs. Hawley, you's great." - said by a sweet little girl whose name rhymes with Lontesha

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Where the tortilla dish doubles as a hat, and the mariachi man can captivate a baby for an entire hour. See for youself:

Aren't they just perfect? Speaking of my nephews - I wanted to brag on a Bennett for a minute. He is very in-tuned with his body.

For instance - He wanted a sopapenie for dessert at Chelino's; as well as singing the ever popular song "Head and Shoulders" as follows: Head, shoulders, knees, and penis; knees and penis.

 He is so gifted.

Friday, January 28, 2011

They'll believe anything you tell them.

Like this for instance...
I told my students that we were going to make penguins today, and they totally bought that this little guy looked like a penguin. And yes, the candy corn was leftover from Halloween.

Benny is working nights this weekend, so I'm on my own. (Probably not information that I should share on the internet) I can't be expected to fix dinner just for myself, so I was forced to spend the evening with these two lovely ladies.

And, my in-laws are in town! I'm super excited. - and I'm not being sarcastic. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh yeah

Quote of the day:

"Okay kids, this a 3 letter word, that starts with M, and you use it to clean your kitchen."

(The answer is mop.)


I get the worst teacher ever award today.

It is dangerous, and should be illegal, for one adult to be left alone with 25 five and six year olds. Want some examples? Today:

1) I lost a kid. Lost him. He was in my line when I dropped them off for lunch, but then when I picked him up for recess, he was nowhere to be found.
 I was a wreck. I got panicky and crazy. Which makes the rest of my kids panicky and crazy. 
Don't worry, he had just gone back on the playground to get his coat (he's not even supposed to take his coat off, by the way. It's January!) and then for some weird reason -unbeknownst to anyone but a 5 year old -  he went into school through the 5th grade hallway. He got so lost.

I was so mad/relieved when I found him. And he was crying. And there was lots of hugging. 

2) A student called 911 from my classroom phone. CALLED 911! 
There was no emergency.

I probably need to start looking for a new job.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just another manic Monday.

I wish it was Sunday. 

There is one great thing about Mondays...

I've got a roast in the crock pot, and my husband already home, and my sweats already on.  I'm as happy as can be. 

I'm officially old and married.

Kindergarten Quote of the Day:
"Yeah, I'm definitely starting to get some hair coming in." - said by A*** while rubbing his chin.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's the thought that counts.

Ben and I just got home from returning some gifts. He doesn't often say things like, "let's just go to the mall tonight." So I dropped everything (I left mid-episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), and we went. 

A few months ago, after I had received some flowers (from a friend - not my husband), I guess I said something like, "I wish I had a pretty vase to put these flowers in." Now, I don't normally have fresh flowers sitting around the house, but I really do love them. And my sweet husband remembered me saying so, and bought me these for Christmas. 

They are bud vases. I opened them up at our Hawley Christmas, and they are 4 inches tall. Miniature vases. Tiny. 

I was so confused. Firstly, because it had been months since I had said anything about wanting a vase (a vase. Singular - not three), and I had completely forgotten. And secondly, because what did I need with three tiny vases - that cost 50 dollars after shipping and gift wrap?? I mean, I would have been perfectly happy with a glass vase from Wal-Mart. I mean these 3 stupid vases could have gotten me a sweater on sale from J. Crew or something. 

But I mean, how sweet was that? 

Anyways, I took them back to Williams Sonoma tonight and got this instead. Exciting, I know. 

Quote of the day:
At 11pm last night - "Ben, shouldn't you be asleep?"
"No, I don't have go in until 6 tomorrow!"

It's the little things in life - like not having to go in to work until 6am on a Saturday. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

snow day

Yesterday I spent my snow day with


and a little bit of

(and his big brother too - but he doesn't do pictures)

(and yes, babies play with highlighters at Uncle Ben and Aunt Courtney's house)

Kindergarten Quote of the Day: 
C* after doing the macarena in morning assembly: "Mrs. Hawley, you are good at the macaroni!"

*I'm pretty sure the law prohibits me from using their real names, like you even care.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'd Just Rather Be Watching Dexter

I am obsessed with blogs. Ask my husband, ask my sister-in-law Meag (who from this point on will be referred to as Sis), even ask my co-workers. It's a sick habit.

I've been wanting (my mom has been wanting me) to write a blog for forever, but the truth is...I'd rather be spending my time reading blogs or watching dexter on the couch next to Ben while he studies. But I'm turning over a new leaf.

I thought I'd start with a little get-to-know-the-blogger post. Which, honestly, probably isn't necessary - seeing as how I'm sure my only readers will consist of the above mentioned  Mom and Sis, and a few others who already know me. But oh well.

Things I love:

this guy

my family

my new family

these girls

this place (well, not necessarily this place, but the 25 little ones who I spend the majority of my time with inside this place)

these girls (and everything that comes with them - the house, their aunties, their 70+ brothers and sisters, my soul sisters - M,B,J,K, etc...