Saturday, June 30, 2012

36 weeks, oh my word.

Bumblebee is growing like a weed. We had our 3rd and final ultrasound yesterday. Ben couldn't come because of stupid doctor stuff, so my mom and Sally both accompanied me. Here's what we found out:

She's still a girl! 
It looks like the girl has some hair!
We think we might have a major thumb sucker on our hands. 
Little girl is not so "little", already weighing in at about 6lb 12oz, with still about 4 more weeks to go!

It's becoming more real everyday. Her nursery is still a disaster zone, minus the few things my mom has accomplished (adorable curtains, newly painted bookcase, and painted walls) and the few things her Dad and Aunt Meag have done (put together crib and swing) - but we're working on it. 

My sweet work friend, Tara Trenary, took a few maternity pictures of us last week. I apologize for the kissing picture, but being pregnant makes me feel really mushy gushy. 

Oh yeah, also since the last time I posted - Kritz Family Vacation. All of Ben's aunts, cousins, uncles, nephews, etc (minus Mary and Thomas - which we were all really sad about), went to stay for a week at Table Rock Lake. There were 34 of us; it was great. 

We caught fish,

jumped off docks,

went down slides, 
(pictures courtesy of Aunt Shelley's facebook)

and of course played lots of cards and ate lots of food. 

Ben officially starts his career as an otorhinolaryngologist intern on Monday. How are we spending out last weekend of freedom? Well, he's playing golf with his dad and brother, and I'm going to make a chocolate chip cookie dough recipe (sans raw eggs) that I found on pinterest and eat the whole thing. And then tomorrow, we head to Henryetta for our last shower. Have I ever mentioned on here how glad I am that we're staying in OK? I would die without my short hour and a half drive to my parents. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


First, I had to say goodbye to these little guys forever, and to teaching for awhile. 

Then, the next day we went out and bought a house! 

Then later that day, we decided to have a party - at the house that we had owned for approximately 6 hours. 

The next day, Ben graduated from medical school. Proudest Wife Ever. 

Later that day, my wonderful sisters and cousins-in-law, threw us a shower. 

Girl cousins (minus Abbie and Mary)

Best Friends Forever (minus Kerri)

It was such a crazy, wonderful weekend. 

The last few weeks have been spent mostly with Ben, working on the house, going to estate sales, watching my belly, and trying to soak up every single minute with him before he starts residency in a few days. As excited as we are for Jenson to be here, I will forever cherish this past month with him, and am so thankful that we've had this time together before she blesses us with her presence. 

We spent last week with my parents and brother at a beach house in Galveston. I was way too relaxed to take any pictures. It was so great - the boys did some fishing, and the girls did lots of reading and laying in the sun. 

Jensie Girl is just moving right along. She's the size of a pineapple, and we've got roughly 6 weeks to go! My precious mom came earlier this week to paint her room, so we're very slowly but surely getting ready for her big debut. We love her more than we can stand it.