Thursday, March 17, 2011

We're not stupid.

So after my parents caught wind of my brother and I's little road trip, they invited themselves.
And then, my dad offered to pay us cold hard cash to skip the whole Six Flags thing, and just go shopping instead. (He doesn't like lines. But I didn't think there was anything he liked less than shopping; so I was really confused by the whole thing.) We're not stupid, we know what to do. Hello, J Crew, LOFT, and Banana.

Also, the greatest thing happened. Now I don't usually shop in Forever 21. Honestly, it just really overwhelms me, and most things are way too trendy for my boring style in clothes (solid colored tees).
Anyways, I was walking through and I saw this. I bought this dress, not because it's cute (although I do think it's fairly cute), but because my Nanny had a dress this exact same pattern. Writing about this, it doesn't sound quite as exciting as I initially thought. But Nanny was my absolute favorite person in the entire world. She had about ummm only 3 dresses that she wore. I just remember sitting next to her in church as a little girl with her wearing a dress with the exact same ugly triangle pattern. And if I can somehow be a little like her, even if it's just by wearing a dress made out of the same fabric, I'm gonna do it. And I mean, how crazy is that? What a coincidence! Not blog worthy? I'm sorry; I'll do better next time. But still, it's my new favorite dress. 

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