Friday, November 29, 2013

little blue ball

Jens happens to be over this little phase, but it was so weird and hilarious that it needs to be remembered. One of Jenson's favorite pastimes is to play in my closet. One day she found an air freshener in the shape of a little blue ball that is used to freshen shoes. She did not put the ball down for 3 whole weeks. She took it to school. She took it to church. She bathed with it. She ate with it. She slept with it. It got a little confusing up in here when she would cry for her "BAAAAA!" Because her second favorite thing, her pacifier, is called "Ba Ba" (no idea where that came from.) 

And then, just like that, she forgot all about it. I found it the other day when we were moving furniture around for the Christmas tree. She saw it and didn't even bat an eye. She's so weird. 

 In the garage with her ball.
 Playing with her friends with her ball. 
 Taking a bath with her ball. 
 Eating breakfast with her ball. 
 Hanging out in the closet with her ball. 
Having a snack with her ball. 

I'm still pregnant, btw. This poor boy has no name, no nursery, no blog posts written about him, no belly pictures taken. But we love him a lot. And we're all pretty pumped for March 14th.