Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!

You are the best Dad and PaPa ever. I'm so lucky that you're mine. 

Best Week Ever

Ben gets 3 weeks of vacation this year. But since he's the low man on the totem pole, he had to pick his vacation time last. He had to take them a week at a time, and they all ended up being at random times of the year; meaning, no time off in the summer or around major holidays. This past week was his last one. (His "year" goes from July to June.) We didn't go anywhere or even do anything really. But the three of us where together the whole entire time, and it was so wonderful. I have a couple pictures from everyday - not because I was trying to document the week or for the purpose of making this blog post - but simply because I just take way too many pictures of my baby. Anyway, here they are: 

Monday - Jens helped with some laundry and then we went to the grocery store. I told you guys - we did nothing exciting.  

 Tuesday - Jens went to the doctor, where they told us the girl still has a double ear infection. Poor girl. Although, I'm not sure if I believe them, because she still doesn't act like there's a thing wrong with her.  Also on Tuesday, Jensie's first snow!

Wednesday - My cousin's sweet new wife, Mary, took some 6 month pictures of Jenson, as well as some family pictures. And then we ate ice cream. 

Thursday - Valentine's Day! Jenson and I went to Sonshine School for a few hours while Ben did some studying. Then my parents came to babysit while Ben and I went on a date. (First one since the snit snort, might I add. We have got to get out more.) We didn't take a picture before our date so I made him take a selfie once we got home.

Friday - Ben and my dad conquered a tree that was in our front lawn that was dead and needed to be cut down. 

Yes, we are boring. But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I'm not sure what day this picture was taken; I'm just obsessed with the way she "gives kisses" these days.