Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How many kindergarteners does it take...

to tie a shoe...

These pictures might not seem precious to you, but they are. Simply because they are all working together to tie a shoe. It's the little things in kindergarten, you know?
(Also, I promise that I actually teach sometimes, and I don't just spend all day taking pictures.)
(And also, I'm not quite as obsessed with my students as it might seem. Actually, in reality, I can hardly stand them most of the time.)

 Track started today. Yes, elementary schools have track teams (4th and 5th grade) And yes, somehow I ended up being the coach. 
The events include: 
50 yard dash
100 yard dash
200 yard dash
4x100 relay
800m (1/2 mile)
softball throw
long jump
and....tug of war
I know - I don't get it either. 

In other news - I "volunteered" to represent my team by doing a choreographed hip hop dance on stage in front of the entire school for International Day. 

They are so mean to first year teachers. 

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