Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 20 - length of a banana 
I cannot believe this pregnancy is halfway over. Some days I want her here so badly I can't stand it. But for the most part, I'm perfectly content with her being safe and sound inside my belly, leaving me time to get both emotionally and spiritually ready to be her momma. 

Also, I just realized that I've been inconsistent with my sources for the fruit/vegetable comparisons. Last week should have been an heirloom tomato - like you really care, and like it's really accurate anyways. 

This week at school, I had left my class sitting on the carpet while I was getting something back at my desk. They were arguing with each other, as usual, when one said, "You're not my boss." All 18 of them continued to discuss who was the boss: Mrs. Hawley, their mom and dad, the principal, etc., when one declared that God was the boss of the whole world. They all got quiet in thought for a second. One smart little girl continued the conversation by stating that "Jesus, God's son, died for all of us kids." One special little boy's eyes got big and asked, "Why in the world did he do that?!" The girl answered, "So that we can live in Heaven with Him forever!" The class was listening more intently to her than they ever do to me. The conversation went on for 5 minutes, with more questions and answers between all of them about God, Jesus, the Devil, etc.  It was perfect, and I hated to see it end when one little boy demanded that it was time for lunch. 

I hope one day our little girl is in the one in her kindergarten class who declares to her classmates, with such enthusiasm, that Jesus died for her and all of her friends. 

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