Saturday, March 17, 2012

The results are in...

Friday was the big day! This year's Match "theme" was Casino. Yes, it has a theme - like prom. It started at 10am and we had to wait around, listening to some speakers and eating bad lasagna, until 12pm rolled around. When it was finally time, they gave each med student a deck of cards with his/her name on it. They had to flip through the cards until they found one that had their match info on it. Ben's card had good news:
Of course, I forgot my they are all horrible phone pictures
Benny got matched with his first pick - at 1 out of only 3 spots for ENT residency in Oklahoma. 
I am so proud. 

So happy. 

As exciting as moving to a new place would be - we could just not bear the thought of not being close to our family and friends, especially with the little lady on the way. I think her grandparents would have had to pack up and move with us. She's the size of a spaghetti squash these days, btw. 

There was a big fancy party for all of the matchees on Friday night - but we opted for a family party instead. Zach and the rest of the family threw Ben a surprise party. 
The night was full of brownies, and family, and knock-out games, and guys watching basketball, and girls talking about boys and babies, and lots of other things that perfectly describe why there is no where else we would rather be for the next 5 years. 


  1. Yay!! Kelsey actually told me last night when I saw her because I just couldn't wait to find out! So happy that you guys (and new baby girl) will be surrounded by family!! So perfect!

  2. what if there wasn't a card with someones name on it? And so you just flipped through and couldn't find yourself? that's really sad. if that happened to me, I would just pretend like I found mine and get really excited. Then I would just go ahead and leave prom.