Thursday, February 23, 2012

IT'S A GIRL!!!!! (we think)

Two weeks ago, at an ultrasound, we were told that our sweet little sweet potato was (most likely, pretty positively) a boy!  We were so excited of course; and for the last 13 days I've had boy on the brain - boy names, boy bedding, boy things. AND THEN,  yesterday we went for our official ultrasound "just to make sure" and they said "for sure, no doubt, this baby is a girl". 

So who really knows. 
But we're naming her the same thing whether she ends up being a girl or not. 

 Pretty cute, huh? Just kidding - there is not one thing cute about another person's ultrasound. You just smile and say, "Ahhh, that is so precious" even though they all look the exact same. That's what I always do anyways. 

But she's beautiful to me...and her dad. 

Also, I realize I never post about anything but this unborn baby - but it's all I really think about. 
And I know my mom appreciates it. 


  1. You and your baby girl bump are beautiful!!! Are you telling the name?

  2. So beautiful!! I know I appreciate the posts about this little baby! And I really did say "Ahhh!!" when I looked at the ultrasound! Can't wait to see the real baby!