Thursday, February 9, 2012


It is hard for me to put into words the love I feel for this little human being. At least once a day, I freak out about the awesomeness of the miracle that God is forming inside of me. Being pregnant has done wonders for my prayer life. All day long I find myself praying for this sweet little baby: that he will be healthy; that I won't completely screw up as his mom; that he'll grow up to be kind and God-fearing; that he'll be more like his dad was as a teenager than his mom was as a teenager, etc...

And no, we don't know that it's a boy yet. I'm just trying to force myself to stop assuming that it's a girl. 

16 weeks 
Today one of my students asked me why I'm "so dressed up everyday". (They're used to me looking pretty scrubby I guess.) And I had to sadly inform her that I'm forced to wear dresses, because I can't button a single pair of pants. 


  1. You are so adorable! You will be a wonderful mother!!

  2. You and your baby bump are adorable!