Thursday, June 16, 2011


People love Target. I get it - they have cute things and stylish clothes, and for most people, I assume it delivers a pleasant shopping experience. I try to be one of those people. But I can't. I love Walmart.

1. About a month ago I set out to do my grocery shopping, and attempted Target. After having to skip over a couple things on my list that I couldn't find, I finally lost it when I couldn't find plain chicken breasts. Chicken breasts! Not lemon peppered chicken breasts, or spicy chicken breasts - I just wanted plain ol' chicken breasts. I left my fully filled shopping cart right there by the frozen meat and high-tailed it to Walmart.

2. Last week I ran into Target to get some starch  - you know, to iron Ben's dress shirts. It wasn't with the cleaning supplies, it wasn't with the laundry detergent, it wasn't with the irons. You know where it was at Walmart? The first place I looked.

3. Today I went to Target to get a few things, one of which is disposable baking pans. You know - those foil ones? I needed them for our upcoming vacation, where it's my dad's goal to not eat out one time. Anyways, couldn't find them. At Walmart? On clearance. 

Sorry, I just had to rant. See ya at Walmart. 

By the way - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, H-BOMB! I love you, sister. 

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