Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's the thought that counts.

Ben and I just got home from returning some gifts. He doesn't often say things like, "let's just go to the mall tonight." So I dropped everything (I left mid-episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), and we went. 

A few months ago, after I had received some flowers (from a friend - not my husband), I guess I said something like, "I wish I had a pretty vase to put these flowers in." Now, I don't normally have fresh flowers sitting around the house, but I really do love them. And my sweet husband remembered me saying so, and bought me these for Christmas. 

They are bud vases. I opened them up at our Hawley Christmas, and they are 4 inches tall. Miniature vases. Tiny. 

I was so confused. Firstly, because it had been months since I had said anything about wanting a vase (a vase. Singular - not three), and I had completely forgotten. And secondly, because what did I need with three tiny vases - that cost 50 dollars after shipping and gift wrap?? I mean, I would have been perfectly happy with a glass vase from Wal-Mart. I mean these 3 stupid vases could have gotten me a sweater on sale from J. Crew or something. 

But I mean, how sweet was that? 

Anyways, I took them back to Williams Sonoma tonight and got this instead. Exciting, I know. 

Quote of the day:
At 11pm last night - "Ben, shouldn't you be asleep?"
"No, I don't have go in until 6 tomorrow!"

It's the little things in life - like not having to go in to work until 6am on a Saturday. 

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