Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I get the worst teacher ever award today.

It is dangerous, and should be illegal, for one adult to be left alone with 25 five and six year olds. Want some examples? Today:

1) I lost a kid. Lost him. He was in my line when I dropped them off for lunch, but then when I picked him up for recess, he was nowhere to be found.
 I was a wreck. I got panicky and crazy. Which makes the rest of my kids panicky and crazy. 
Don't worry, he had just gone back on the playground to get his coat (he's not even supposed to take his coat off, by the way. It's January!) and then for some weird reason -unbeknownst to anyone but a 5 year old -  he went into school through the 5th grade hallway. He got so lost.

I was so mad/relieved when I found him. And he was crying. And there was lots of hugging. 

2) A student called 911 from my classroom phone. CALLED 911! 
There was no emergency.

I probably need to start looking for a new job.


  1. No, sweetie, you are NOT the worst teacher ever! When you're a teacher, weird, unexplainable stuff happens... like, sometimes, they actually learn something! :) (It's usually something you weren't actually TRYING to teach them... it's so hard for them to focus.) And I'm sure your little darlings LOVE you, which they should, because you're the BEST!! Love you, Aunt Karen

  2. Please don't look for another job. You are, by far, the best K teacher ever. Any he loves you, and so do I! Thank you for caring so much!