Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm so ashamed

Well, it's been about a week now. And I'm pretty positive that I don't need to document this event in order to remember it. I'm afraid I will never be able to get the image out of my head.

Jenson rolled off the couch. I'm not going to say whether or not she might have barely bumped her head a tiny tiny bit on the coffee table. And I know I shouldn't admit that The Bachelor was on when the horrible thing happened.

I was changing the angel's diaper when I turned around to grab some wipes. The next thing I know, she was on the ground screaming her head off. I cannot even describe the panic and guilt that washed over me immediately. I quickly picked her up and handed her to Ben, who was watching in horror from across the room. Jenson cried for about 2 minutes, while I cried for the rest of the night. I cried when I nursed her, I cried when we put her to bed, I cried when I went to bed. Dramatic, much?

She seemed no worse for the wear - not even a bump or scratch. But I just had to get it off of my chest.

Sorry, Baby Girl. 

Here's your dad; he's a better parent. 

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