Thursday, January 24, 2013

A great day

Yesterday Jens turned 6 months old. I cannot believe we've held the little snit snort in our arms for 6 whole months. We spent the morning in bed together. We've tried to be very diligent in having her sleep only in her crib, but I've gotten in the habit of having her sleep with me after Ben leaves for work. She normally eats about 6 and then we go back to sleep for a couple of hours. She is a great spooner. Today we spent our time playing with our feet and cuddling and dozing.

Then the girl decided to have a major blowout and got herself a little mid-morning bath.

In the afternoon we went to our beloved Dr. Krause for a check up and some yucky shots. Ben even ended up leaving work early and meeting us there! Jensie weighs 16.5 pounds and is 26 inches long. She's in the 60 percentile.

Ben and I thank God every day for our happy, healthy baby. We are so lucky to be her parents.

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