Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I am a worrywart. It just comes naturally to me. It's in my genes (thanks Dad). I'm not proud of this trait, and it's something I struggle with. From the second I found out that I was pregnant, I started worrying about this kid. And now that the precious girl is here in the flesh, there's a plethora of things to worry about it.

I find myself worrying about who her friends are going to be, and who she's going to date and someday, marry. I worry that people will be mean to her in school, that they'll pick on her. And then I start worrying that she might be the one picking on people. And then I worry that boys will break her heart. I worry that she won't be brilliant like her father, and that she might struggle with grades. I worry that she won't feel pretty and that she'll have self esteem issues. See, it's just such a vicious cycle.

BUT THEN, I just have to remind myself that she isn't just mine. She's not mine at all, actually. She's His. I have to remind myself, that though it seems impossible, God loves little Jensie Girl more than I could ever think of loving her. He will take care of her. So I guess really, the only thing I should really be worried about, is making sure that she knows Him. That she knows how much He loves her.

Also, I just completely bawled watching the episode of Parenthood where they send Haddie off to college. I've got to get a grip.


  1. Don't worry, I cry during every episode of Parenthood, pretty much for the entire episode! This is the sweetest post ever, by the way.

  2. If you're a worrywart, what does that make me?!? Haha! I love this post & I need to remember this everyday!

  3. I hadn't read your blog in about 4 I'm catching up today. I feel like I've spent the day with you and Jens today. Also, I watched seasons 1,2, and 3 of parenthood on netflix last month...I cried during every episode. Its not really a good show for this homesick girl, but I love it! I gasped for a breath in the episode of Haddie leaving. -Ker