Tuesday, April 17, 2012

She's still middle nameless, but...

I love when my students rub my belly. The ownership they've taken over this baby is so sweet. Almost all of them have a pretty adamant opinion about what her name should be: 
Mrs. Hawley Junior

But today, I finally decided to break it to them that she already has a name...and it's 
They all thought it was weird. 

25 weeks

I started out this pregnancy keeping a journal, and writing about every little thing blah blah...
But now I guess this blog is the closest thing to a journal that I've got. So a few dates I might want to remember someday: 

January 26 - Movement! I was so excited, and of course called my mom right away so she could convince me that, yes, you really did feel her! (like she even knew)
February 10 - "unofficial ultrasound" Mostly like a boy!
February 22 - "official ultrasound" No, definitely a girl! 
February 27 - Ben felt her kick - making this baby a little (but not completely) more real for him
March 1 - EVERYBODY seemed to notice I was pregnant today - at least 15 people commented on my belly at work
March 15 - Saw her move from the outside! Watching my belly is now our favorite pastime. (Or it is mine at least, and Ben humors me)
April 14 - Felt the first round of hiccups

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