Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Interview Season? Check!

I took a half-day off work today to take Benny to the airport (only after a lunch date at Qdoba first). This is a very special trip to the airport, because it marks the last trip of residency interviews! You see, interviews are bitter sweet. Without them, we would be in some big trouble, with no where to live or work. But, selfishly, I have HATED Ben being gone so much; and I know he is so sick of traveling. In approximately 5 to 6 months, and Lord willing, we will be moving to one of these lovely cities: 

Indianapolis, Indiana
Louisville, Kentucky
Omaha, Nebraska
Columbus, Missouri
Houston, Texas
Jackson, Mississippi
St. Louis, Missouri
Springfield, Illinois
New York City, New York
Salt Lake City, Utah
Dallas, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
and last but certainly not least

Can you tell which is my first pick? 

In other news, Baby is a plum now.  


  1. Dallas wouldn't be a bad place to be :)

  2. I wouldn't hate Houston!! Did he interview at ALL of those places?? Prayers for you guys during this crazy waiting period!