Saturday, August 24, 2013

12 months

She's 13 months old now, okay? Phew, I just had to get that off of my chest.

She is just the sweetest little thing. Ben and I are just almost absolutely positive we will never be able to love another peanut as much as we love her. 

1. She's now exclusively walking. 
2. She is obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with books. We've been going to the library to stock up, because Ben and I began to absolutely hate every single book we owned - after reading them 1,000 times. 
3. Her favorite foods are fruit of any kind and macaroni and cheese. We've been pretty blessed so far that she isn't too picky. She'll eat pretty much anything we put in front of her. She did spit out the bite of my tuna sandwich I gave her the other day though.
4. She unfortunately and fortunately loves tv. 
5. She says: hi, bye, Dada, Mama, please, thank you, Blue (my parents' dog), book, drink, KiKi, PaPa, Chief, Sass, Jensie, and will try to repeat a lot of things we say. 
6. She's a tad bit naughty. And is very sensitive when she gets in trouble. 
7. She's been asking for her "dada" when I get her up from her naps. I still love/hate it. 
8. My big girl drinks ice cold, whole milk from a sippy cup. I figured since I'm pregnant and she's now old enough to ask for it, it was time to let go of our special nursing times.
9. She loves playing outside, and running wild. She's not too keen on being held.
10. After many many months of inconsistent sleeping patterns, she now sleeps 10-12 hours a night and takes two 2-hour naps a day. Which is just so great for this 1st trimester symptomatic mama.

 She's funny. And beautiful. And sweet. And ugh, we're still just as obsessed with her as we were 13 months ago.

Being her mom has stretched me and challenged me and taught me to love in ways I never thought possible. It is so fun.

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