Thursday, October 18, 2012

Big Week

It's been a big week for Jensie Girl. (We spent last week in Henryetta. Ben had the whole week off, and  it just so happened to be the opening week of deer season. It was so great getting to hang out with my parents for an entire week, and we even saw a Grant sighting.) But anyways, THIS week, was Jenson's first week at Sonshine School.

I know I've said it before, but this job is going to be such a blessing in our lives. I love working in a place where my daughter is two doors down, her teachers take video of her and text message them to me later in the evenings, if they think she's doing something cute they come get me out of my class to come see her, I don't have to miss a single feeding, I get to teach, and the best part: I only have to do it 2 times a week! 

Another first this week in this little 88 day old's life - her first babysitters! 

Emily and Rachel came over on Tuesday night so Ben and I could go eat with our friends, Tyler and Andrea. The poor girls, I think Jens might have screamed for a good chunk of the time that they had her. But they probably lied to make me feel better, and texted me updates that she was doing just fine. So lucky that we have so many cute, reliable cousins floating around this city to watch our baby. 

So excited for this weekend.. Celebrating Chief being around for 60 years! 

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  1. I'll comment. Love those sitters! Love that baby girl! Keep posting sweet pics :)