Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The other day was Over Achiever Mom's snack day.

Yes, she made a little individual fruit pizza for every child. I'm sorry if you don't think this is blog-worthy, but I just thought it was nuts. The kids loved it! Emma said it was "scrumptious" and Gabriel said it was "courageous" (but I'm pretty sure he meant to say "outrageous"). 

We're still working on their vocabulary and grammar. Especially the kid whom I had this conversation with today:

Mrs. Hawley: "Sam, are you going to wear your PJs tomorrow for pajama day?"
M: "I are!"
Mrs. Hawley: "Try again."
M: "Me is!"

And apparently this is what I look like to my students. Really flat hair, a fat neck, scary face, 5 fingers total, and practically no legs. But she loves me, so that's all that matters. 

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