Thursday, October 13, 2011

I love seeing Jesus in my students.

I don't know how long I had been grumpy today before my sweet little one showed me Jesus. I didn't see Him till social centers, which is at the very end of the day. I'm glad she snapped me out of it. I hate to think of all the times I could have seen Him today, if only I'd been looking.

She was in art center, and I was busy signing everyone's folders. She had asked me like twenty million times if I would come look at her picture. When I finally made it over there, I was so pleasantly surprised! She prefaced by singing me the song:

This is the Cross
This is the cross where Jesus died.           
(Make cross with fingers.)         
This is the hill where Mary cried.         
(Put two fists together.)         
This is the tomb where Jesus lay.            
(Hold two open palms together.)            
This is the stone that rolled away.            
(Make circle of thumbs and forefinger and "roll".)        

AND THEN she showed me her picture. Yep, she had drawn a picture for each line of the song. It was perfect. She finished by telling me, "Mrs. Hawley, you know the BEST part?! He's ALIVE!" with the biggest smile on her face. 

Also today: 
boy #1: Mrs. Hawley! Boy #2 pushed me!!
boy #2: Nobody saw it!
Me: Well, Jesus saw it. (I realize this isn't entirely legal for me to say) 
boy #1: And so did the demons! 

That one wasn't as sweet. 

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