Monday, September 3, 2012

Things to remember about our sweet 6 week old...

- She has slept in her own bed since Day 1, and is so great at it! We still get a little sad every night when we put her to bed away from us, but we know we'll be glad in the long run.

- She LOVES to be swaddled. The second we wrap her up, she becomes so calm and relaxed.

- Everyone says she looks exactly like her dad.

- She's almost out of her newborn clothes. People's first comment is usually how tiny she is, but she's looking huge to us!

- She is so good at sleeping! Just last night, in fact, she slept 7.5 straight hours. So thankful.

- The last couple of days she has started "talking" a lot and smiling. It completely melts my heart every stinking time.


  1. Courtney, she is SO precious! Who took her pictures??

  2. Thanks, Crislyn! Mandy Stansberry took them when she was just a few days old. I had just never gotten around to putting any on here.