Sunday, August 14, 2011

Empty Nest

Ben has been doing his "rural rotation" in a small town near Henryetta, thus we've moved back in with my parents. The last two weeks have been so great. There's been lots of swimming, and shopping, and Big Brother watching. Sadly, I go back to the real world this week, and I'm leaving Ben to fend for himself with the Jenson clan for two more weeks.

We moved Grant to college on Wednesday. I think Grant's giddiness and excitment might have actually cancelled out my parents' and my despair. He's just so big. When did he get to be so big?

In the midst of my mom's sobbing, she assured me that "I cried for you too, hunny." But I know that this one has to be harder. I'm just glad that Ben and I were there for my parents. We let my dad pay for our meals, and we let my mom do our laundry - just so they'd still feel needed and parental. Wasn't that so nice of us?

I love you, Granty. I'm proud of you.

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