Saturday, May 28, 2011

1 Down

The last day of school was Tuesday. I'll be honest. I had been longing for May 24th for a few weeks, no, a few months now. I went to school on Tuesday thinking, "You know? I'm not going to use my teacher voice one time today. I'm going to be the nicest teacher ever, so they'll be sure and miss me a whole lot this summer."

I was definitely using the voice by about 8:15.

But you know, those 4 boys that my yelling teacher voice was directed at the most often, are the 4 boys that I will probably miss the most.

So here's to my 25 little loves, and to them becoming big bad 1st graders, and to 2 glorious months until my next batch.

By the way: In my little "Goodbye. I'll miss you guys. I'm so proud of you. I'll never forget you guys since you were my first class ever. End of the year" speech, I realized that my kids had no idea that I was a first year teacher. They hadn't even realized that I had no idea what I was doing the majority of the year. I pulled a major fast one - just another perk of teaching 5-year-olds.


  1. Happy Summer! I am sure those kids LOVED you. :)

  2. Maybe they had no idea, but I bet they will look back later and realize you were the most fun teacher they ever had !I can say you are the most fun teacher I've ever had the priviledge to know! Love you and Happy Birthday! (a few hours early) ;-)

  3. Well Mrs. Hawley; Mr. Sauce and I have talked it over and we both agree that you did a fab job this year. He learned so much, both in his head and in his heart, and that is the true sign of a great teacher. He is already asking to go back (and for his sweet friends phone number). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of him, and them all. And also for the light that you shine. :)